Devotional Sex

The Language of Devotional Sex

This website uses so many new terms that it is as if Devotional Sex is a new language.

I've given all the new activities and feelings which arise from Devotional Sex a name - using words that I hope capture the feel and flavor.

And as the English language doesn't have words which are suitable for describing sensual, connected sex, I've given some body parts and common sexual activities new names as well.

New words for new activities and feelings

The key new terms are Devotional Sex, Princess and Knight.

Why `Devotional´ and why `Sex´?
The word Devotional was chosen because Devotional Sex requires both to put in some effort to make the other happy. Fortunately this is rarely a chore as within Devotional Sex giving pleasure also makes the giver happy. So key to the technique being a success is that each is devoted to the other.

Sex is in the name because it is desire for the usual sexual activities that drives the dynamic - and the increase in intimacy and connection derives from sex.

sex in the name also makes clear that this isn't about BDSM and that her control is only over the couple's sensual and sexual lives.

Why `Princess´ and `Knight´?
I've called a man who is practicing Devotional Sex a Knight because he is honor-bound to keep his commitments and this takes strength. Though Devotional Sex has him feeling hers, he also feels proud to be her Knight.

The name has been borrowed from the ideal of Medieval /Fairy Tale Knight. And one can thus see the Knight kneeling at the feet of his Princess promising his devotion (as in this drawing from the 14th century).
14C Knight kneeling at feet of a Princess   

Princess is also a very appropriate term for her role in Devotional Sex she never has to act nor feel dominant to have her Knight fulfill her wishes, and being his Princess has her feel very special. And as in times of old, she respect her Knight and is also devoted to him.

Glossary of Terms                                      
This lists, with a definition and explanation, the new Devotional Sex words.
Glossary of Wishes This lists all the Wish Words a Princess can say to have her Knight quickly fulfill her wish.
Glossary of Spells
This lists all the names I've given to the different ways a couple can agree to enjoy a spell of time practicing Devotional Sex.

New words for talking about sex

The English language doesn't have good words for talking about loving, sensual, connected sex.

We have words for going to the doctor (eg penis, vagina, intercourse) but these words are too cold and clinical to use here. We have words that work for rough sex (eg fuck, cunt) but these are far too vulgar. And we have common terms (eg, cock, pussy), but some readers of the early drafts of this website found these words too crude.

There are also Eastern words (eg Lingam, Yoni) but these words feel, at last to me, too strange.

My solution was to invent my own terms ...

The new words used on this website are:
Pleasure  Vagina
Bud  Anus
Joy  Intercourse
Play  To give sexual pleasure by using your hands
     Pleasure Play     
        Using hands to pleasure her Pleasure
     Desire Play         Actively using hands to pleasure his Desire
Kiss  To give pleasure by using your mouth, lips, and tongue
     Pleasure Kiss         Oral sex to her Pleasure (cunnilingus)
     Desire Kiss         Oral sex to his Desire (fellatio)
Climax Orgasm with loss of sexual energy:
for a male - an orgasm with ejaculation
for a female - an orgasm after which she wants to end sexual activity
Crest Orgasm without loss of sexual energy:
for a male - an orgasm without ejaculation
for a female - an orgasm after which she still has sexual energy

I think these new, friendly words work very well on this website, and, once a couple get used to them, they can also work well in the bedroom.

Keeping track of these new terms

When a word is used at this website with a special Devotional Sex meaning then that word will start with a capital letter. For example:

He felt desire for his wife as he watched her undress and his Desire started to get hard.

When a word has a link that isn't bold (such as in the line above) that link will take you to one of the Glossaries where you will see the definition and a short explanation. The word is only given a link the first time it is used on a page.

If there is a page with lots more information on that term the Glossary entry will include a link to that page. 
A link in BOLD takes you directly to a page with much more information (ie not to a Glossary).

You can use your own terms

Though these new words are used throughout this website, and in the forum, Devotees are free to use whatever terms they wish if, for them, a different term works better.

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