Devotional Sex


This section provides more introductory information
about Devotional Sex.


Warnings and Disclaimers

Devotional Sex isn't without risk - it may create some emotional stresses, and there may be a health risk for him. So before you start to explore Devotional Sex you should first read this section carefully.


The Language of Devotional Sex

This website has so many new terms that it is as if Devotional Sex is a new language.

As the English language doesn't have words which are suitable for describing sensual, intimate sex, I've given some body parts and common sexual activities new names.

I've also given names to the many new activities and feelings that arise from enjoying Devotional Sex.

Your Three Freedoms

A common misunderstand is that Devotional Sex imposes rules and restricts what a couple can do.

Devotional Sex does NOT impose any rules!
This website is like a sexual recipe book - it described the benefits and joys of Devotional Sex and gives you the recipe for achieving this.

For a start, Devotional Sex only happens if you and your partner both chose to do it. Like, for example, getting married, you will only both do this if you feel the benefits far outweigh the restrictions.

If you chose to try this sexual recipe you then have three key freedoms:
Like with a food recipe book - what you do with this information is totally up to you.

Some have noticed that this website rarely mentions love. That's because love is up to you.

A gardening book on growing flowers will tell you when to plant and how to prepare the soil, etc. But it doesn't tell the plant how to grow a flower. Similarly Devotional Sex presents a way to build and maintain intimacy and connection, etc, - the perfect conditions for love to bloom - but it's up you to grow the flower of love.

Of course Devotional Sex plus love is supreme. But Devotional Sex can also be practiced at the very start of dating (before love blooms) and with friends (neither want a relationship). So though Devotional Sex will lead to sex being more intimate and connected, it won't always lead to love.

The Forum
The Devotional Sex Forum, hosted at this site, is the place to comment on, ask questions about, and to discuss Devotional Sex. Guests can read the forum, but to post you must first register to become a member.

As well as the link above, you can access the forum via the Site Map, and this includes a link to the most recent posts.

Quickly posting anonymous feedback or questions:
If you don't want to join the forum, but wish to send some feedback or ask a question, you can quickly and easily do so anonymously via  this form hosted at

Note that as the PollMill form is anonymous I have no way to contact you directly. So I post the comments and questions submitted to PollMill into my Forum and reply there.

Contact me via email
If you wish to contact me via email see the Contact Me page.


The Photo-Blog:
This website does NOT host any explicit photos or videos.

But I do run a photo-blog at which illustrates Devotional Sex with tasteful, but often explicit, photos together with explanatory text.

About the Photo-Blog

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