Devotional Sex

Warnings and Disclaimers

Devotional Sex isn't without risk -
it may create emotional stresses,
and there may be a health risk for him.

You need to make your own decision
about whether or not to practice Devotional Sex.

The author of this website is not responsible
for any health or emotional problems
which may arise from exploring Devotional Sex.

So please read this page carefully before you try Devotional Sex.

Not only will you be making a more informed decision about whether or not to proceed, but being forewarned may help you avoid these problems.

Emotional stress due to lack of activity

A key benefit of Devotional Sex is building and maintaining intimacy and connection and thus creating a better relationship.

But, especially when first starting to explore Devotional Sex, when his erotic energy is very high and she decides nothing sexual will happen for a while, one of you may find the pressure too much.

It may become too much for him as he feels that having built up his energy that she is just ignoring him. Or it may become too much for her as she feels pressured by him desiring activity when she wants a break and to just relax for a while.

The risk of these emotional stresses can be minimized if both pay attention to how Devotional Sex is designed to ensure that calm prevails.

Unbalanced happiness

Devotional Sex can head off the rails if what happens starts to favor one person much more than the other.

Devotional Sex is about mutual happiness, and two of the four points which define the role of a Princess are about this. So if things swing too far from mutual happiness either balance needs to be restored or the less happy person should consider ending Devotional Sex.

The two ways things can go wrong are:

It becomes all about her:
If she starts to use the control he has given her mainly for selfish pleasures and she thinks that his role is only to do as she says to make her happy then their sex life can become unsatisfying for him and at the worst emotionally stressful.

It becomes all about him:
Another possibility is that what happens becomes too focussed on what he wants and though he is very or extremely happy she is only moderately happy or even unhappy with what is happening.


A health risk for him

There are two possible health risks for him - some health issues may arise from the physical stresses of fewer ejaculations, and fewer ejaculations may increase his risk of getting prostate cancer.

Health problems while learning to ejaculate less often:
For a fit and healthy man the physical stresses of learning to ejaculate less often are unlikely to cause any health issues. But keep an eye out just in case.

If you have a medical condition
then you should seek the advice of a medical professional.

And men who have high blood pressure, heart disease, or a generally weak condition should start with small steps and proceed slowly and carefully.

Possible increased risk of prostate cancer:
A massive scientific study in the USA found that:

"men who reported more ejaculations - more than 21 a month, on average across their adult life - had two-thirds the lifetime risk of prostate cancer of men who reported fewer (4 to 7) ejaculations a month."

So as a Knight has far fewer ejaculations than before doing Devotional Sex, there is a risk that this may increase his chances of getting prostate cancer.

I have no medical qualifications
and thus make no guarantee that Devotional Sex is safe.

But Devotional Sex may be safer than suggested
and practicing it may be worth the risk:

Devotional Sex may be safer than the study suggests as it's based on the ancient Taoist practices which are claimed to increase longevity.

And even if there is an increased risk, the significant benefits of practicing Devotional Sex may make the risk one worth taking. Each man has to make up their own mind. 

on prostate cancer and DevS)


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