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Results of the What Happens in Bed? Survey

When Living or doing a long Stretch of Devotional Sex there are 7 times each week when you wake up together and 7 bedtimes.

That's 14 opportunities each week for some Devotional activities!

This survey finds out what happens during those 14 opportunities within real-life Devotional Sex.

So far I have 25 valid replies to my survey.  (To be valid the answers must add up to 14.)

Though this survey has only a few replies, the amounts of intercourse and oral sex are close to the results of  my Oral Sex survey which has many more responses. So here this survey is about right.

Where this survey provides new information is that it discovers what happens when the couple are not having intercourse or oral sex, which for most Devotee couples is the majority of their mornings and bedtimes.

The average of what Devotees do in bed:

The 14 sessions of 7 mornings and 7 bedtimes are, on average, made up of:

1.7    sessions of Joy (intercourse) and maybe other activities,
2.9   of mainly him giving her a Pleasure Kiss (him giving her oral sex),
0.5   of mainly her giving him a Desire Kiss (her giving him oral sex),
1.3   of mainly him giving her Pleasure Play (him using his hand on her sex),
1.7   of mainly her actively playing with his erection,
2.8   Devotional Cuddles (she gently holds his his erection as they cuddle),
2.0    just a cuddle, and
1.1    nothing happens at all.

Note that if a session includes Joy then that is counted as a session of Joy even though it may also include Pleasure Kissing and other activities.

So all the other types of sessions do not include any Joy. But they may include some other activities as well as the activity on which most time was spent (eg a 15 minute session of her actively playing with his erection may have included a minute of her giving him oral sex).


There is huge variation in what real-life Devotee couples do:

This survey is particularly useful in showing the huge variation in what real-life couples do when living Devotional Sex.

Click 'more' to see a page which presents some of the individual responses to the survey which illustrate this huge variation. (More)

Very different from 'normal sex':

Though no Devotee couple does the average (and in fact there is huge variation in what couples do), the average is very useful in comparing Devotional Sex with 'normal sex'.

On average, for those who did this survey:

In the community overall for those in a heterosexual relationship the average frequency of intercourse is 1.4 times a week. So having Joy 1.7 times a week isn't significantly more often than normal.

So for most couples living Devotional Sex doesn't significantly change how often they have intercourse.

Sexual activity without Joy
With Devotional Sex the Knight is usually eager for some sexual activity - any activity - every morning and every bedtime. To balance this the Knight has given his Princess control over when something happens and what. Thus she can enjoy whatever sexual activity she wishes!

Perhaps the biggest surprise for many is that though the amount of Joy remains about the same as before there is a huge increase in sexual activity - almost all of which are sessions that do not include Joy.

In the wider community 94% of sessions include intercourse. So the average week is 1.4 sessions which include intercourse and 0.1 sessions without intercourse.

So the first huge difference between those living Devotional Sex and 'normal' is that there is a huge increase in the amount of sexual activity other than Joy, and that most sessions don't include Joy.

The most common session with Devotional Sex is no Joy and mainly him giving her oral sex. Then just as often as the couple have a session of Joy and other activities there are sessions without Joy where the main activity is her actively playing with his erection.


Devotional Cuddles are VERY common
For most Devotee couples it is usual to start a session of sex with a Devotional Cuddle. And, apart from a morning where they have to get up quickly, it is usual to end any session of sexual activity with a Devotional Cuddle.

Most couples also enjoy several sessions which are just a Devotional Cuddle.

So, on average, 78% of mornings and bedtimes include a Devotional Cuddle!

Many Devotee couples spend more time in bed enjoying a Devotional Cuddle than they do engaging in sexual activity.

What keeps a Devotional Cuddle exciting for a Knight
is that he never knows if it will lead to some sexual activity.

And a Devotional Cuddle feels special for a Princess because
he is desiring her without any expectation of further activity or penetration.

When living Devotional Sex a Knight will only ever ejaculate when with his Princess and when she says. For most Devotee couples this has become 'a very powerful bond between them that is now an important part of their relationship'.

Lot's of Devotional Cuddles is a mutual celebration of this powerful bond.


Cuddles (without sexual activity)
In the community overall some couples have non-sexual cuddles often and at the other extreme some couples hardly every cuddle. Unfortunately I've not been able to find any figures on what happens most often. (Though there is lots of research showing that lots of cuddles are good for the relationship.)

With Devotional Sex when a Princess doesn't feel like any sexual activity she can either have nothing happen at all, have just a cuddle, or she can explicitly acknowledge and enjoy his arousal with a Devotional Cuddle.

What this survey shows is that almost all Devotee couples usually have at least a cuddle every morning and bedtime, that about two-thirds always have at least a cuddle, and almost one-third always have at least a Devotional Cuddle.

Though it is easy to focus on all the sessions which include sexual activity, it is the many erotically charged 'just a cuddle' and Devotional Cuddles, and that these happen almost every morning and bedtime, that is a key reason that intimacy and connection thrive within Devotional Sex.


Her orgasms and his ejaculations:

This survey didn't ask about her orgasms or his ejaculations.

My Orgasms Survey found that the median number of orgasms for her when living Devotional Sex is 4.5 per week, so she will be enjoying many orgasms with all this activity.

Though most women enjoy more or many more orgasms, the most popular key benefit of living Devotional Sex was 'increased intimacy and connection and thus a better relationship'. But other common key benefits were 'better sex (what happens before her orgasm)' and 'more orgasms', so for some the better sex is key.

My Orgasms Survey also found that the median for how often a Knight ejaculates when living Devotional Sex is 11 days. Thus the average week described here could happen without him ejaculating at all (but he will do so next week).

As with the women, the most popular key benefit of Devotional Sex was 'increased intimacy and connection and thus a better relationship'. Other common key benefits were 'giving her a better sex life and more orgasms', 'us both having a better sex life',  'feeling erotic energy all the time as a positive life force' and a few chose 'having much more powerful ejaculations when they do happen'.

Thus for men who chose to practice Devotional Sex there are major benefits that make up for having far fewer ejaculations.



Comments, questions and discussion about the results of the What Happens in Bed? survey results are welcome here on my forum.


Filling in this survey:

If you Live or do long Stretches of Devotional Sex it would be wonderful if you filled in this anonymous survey.

Not only will more responses make the averages more accurate, but more responses will capture the variety of what real-life couples actually do.

Unfortunately some of those who fill out the survey miss the key point that with 7 mornings and 7 bedtimes the total of each response must add up to 14.

Have a look at the individual responses and they all add up to 14. So if you fill out the survey, please remember that each session only gets one count, and that count is for the main activity of each session.

To do the survey at  CLICK HERE.


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