Devotional Sex

Enhancements to Devotional Sex

These enhancements all enhance Devotional Sex in that they add new activities whilst maintaining or even strengthening the underlying dynamic.

Everything is fully consensual
All of the enhancements are optional, and, as with all Devotional Sex, something can only happen if he is willing for it to happen and she decides that it will.

Thus if there is anything here that you don't wish to do - relax - it will never happen.


Finding out what he is willing to do
Once a couple are comfortable with the basic dynamic of Devotional Sex (which ensures that she is confident that her control is real) it can be lots of fun to explore in detail what the Knight is willing to do and how he feels about doing it.

Hopefully your browsing will find at least some enhancements that resonate with a strong "That might be fun!". Happy exploring!


The Multi-Orgasmic Man Technique

Devotional Sex requires a man to get used to ending sexual activity without ejaculating, to learn to calm and manage his own erotic energy, and to learn to be able to get on with ordinary life with his higher-than-usual background erotic energy.

All of this is the ground-work towards learning the ancient Taoist technique of him having orgasms without ejaculating. As such an orgasm leaves him hard and aroused, he can keep having orgasms - he has become a multi-orgasmic man.


Tantric Activities

When doing Devotional Sex it is common for some sessions to have a strong touch of Tantra. This just drops out of enjoying the dynamic - you don't do Tantra - it just happens.

Devotional Sex can be enhanced by her deciding to sometimes do a real Tantric activity.

Mild Kinky Activities

The Devotional Sex activities discussed so far have not included any activities which most would consider kinky.

Though adding activities with strong kink will change the feel of the dynamic (and thus create a hybrid of Devotional Sex and BDSM), the feel of Devotional Sex can still be maintained when adding some mild kinky activities.

So the more adventurous can enhance their Devotional Sex by adding any kinky activities which both think would be fun.

 More about kinky activities          List of kinky activities

Telling Others

It can be an adventure telling others that your practice Devotional Sex. But two other reasons for telling others are that Devotional Sex has become an important part of who you now are as a couple and you wish to let others know about this, and that some who you tell may wish to try it for themselves.

Following the principles of Devotional Sex, HE decides who can be told and SHE decides if and when any of these people will be told.

I strongly recommend that all Devotees discuss this so that you either both commit to follow this guideline or you know where you both stand if you are going to do things differently.


Shared Activities

Shared Activities are Devotional activities done in front of or with others.

For those interested this opens up the very exciting and liberating middle ground in between doing nothing and going all the way with others. If the Princess wishes what happens can always remain fairly mild.

Though shared adventures are lots of fun, the main benefit is that this is all done in a way which strengthens and enhances your relationship with your partner.


Tantric Devotion

Tantric Devotion is adding a spiritual element on top of Devotional Sex based upon celebrating the feminine forces of the universe.


What is your interest in these enhancements?

To find out which of the above enhancements my readers are most interested in, and thus which I should write more about first, I've created a short poll.

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