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What's New - 2017

Version 2 of the Devotional Sex website

In 2017 I'm building a new website. This page will document it's progress.
(Note that I will no longer be updating the old website.)

The latest posts on the Forum are here.

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To request further information be added to a page or a new page be written, please post here. Editorial mistakes and broken links will only be fixed if I know about them, so if you notice any please let me know here. And if you looked at a page recently, including this one,  you may need to REFRESH to see the latest version.

November 5 - 'What Happens in Bed?' Survey

I've added a new activity to the list, which is 'Mainly her having him actively play with himself'.

And at the end of the survey I now ask how many orgasms she has each week and how many days does he last before ejaculating.

This survey is really useful for finding out what happens in real-life Devotional Sex. I already have enough replies to show that there is Huge Variation. But I need many more replies from couples who Live Devotional Sex to get a better idea of the true averages and medians.

So if you Live Devotional Sex it would be really great if you did this survey!

(But please read the results page first so you know how to fill in the survey correctly.)


November 1 - Results of 'Your Progress with DevS' Survey

I've written up the results of this survey for October.

This month 5 people added some comments and you can read them HERE.

If you take a new step forward in your practice of Devotional Sex it would be great if you filled in the survey. See the top of the results page for more about the survey.


October 18 - Mild Kinky Activities:

One of the Enhancements to Devotional Sex is to add some mild kinky activities.

About the Mild Kinky Activities  is a new page which shows how these activities can be practiced as part of Devotional Sex.

The List of Kinky Activities  is a list of possible activities. Over time I may write some lower level pages going into some of these activities in much more detail.


October 12 - 'Your Progress with Devotional Sex' Survey

This new survey is for readers to anonymously let the world know that they have reached a new step forward in their practice of Devotional Sex.

This website is free and has no advertising. The one thing I hope my readers will do to reward me for my work is to fill in this survey each time they progress.

There is also a new page of Selected Replies and Comments to this survey, which will grow as more people leave some comments.


October 9 - Reader's Feedback

This page is a collection of mainly enthusiastic reader feedback about Devotional Sex from way back in 2008 until this year.

I shall do my best to keep this page updated as I receive new feedback


October 7 - "be Calm"

This new Wish Word enables her to feel relaxed when he is Energized and desperate because, when she wishes, she can have him calm his energy.


October 6 - Energized

Him being Energized is one of his 12 Erotic Energy States.

This state now has it's own page expanding on what was published in September.


September 29 - His Erotic Energy States

This new page presents twelve energy states which help explain how Devotional Sex works.

Some of these energy states are the 'normal' response to a situation. Devotional Sex also has some new energy states which are part of what makes Devotional Sex unique.


September 26 - About Preferences

A Preference is something she wants to always happen - which he thinks of as a rule to always be followed. This new page describes how these work within Devotional Sex.


September 26 - List of Preferences

This new page presents a list of possible preferences. Over time I may add some lower level pages to describe in detail how each of these Preferences works in practice.


September 15 - Circulating His Erotic Energy

Learning to circulate his erotic energy is an optional part of Devotional Sex. But as it has many benefits it is highly recommended.

This technique enables him to manage his erotic energy so that he can regain control if he is about to ejaculate accidentally; not feel any frustration when sexual activity ends without him ejaculating; and to calm his energy during normal life so that it becomes a pleasant background energy without which life feels a bit flat.

How far you go is up to you looks at alternatives to learning to circulate his energy.

And for those who wish to learn to circulate there are two pages of exercises - Draining the Energy and Pumping the Energy.


September 14 - Him physically suggesting a sexual activity

Thanks to some discussion on the forum I've updated the Him initiating vs Her Control page to show how a Knight can physically suggest a sexual activity, and showing how this can be done either as he physically suggests then waits for approval or he physically suggests and if she doesn't say "no" then her approval is taken as given.

As always it is up to each couple to work out what works best for them.


September 14 - A special DevS meaning if he kisses her neck

If a couple uses him kissing her neck as his physical way of initiating / requesting a Pleasure Kiss then if he kisses his Princess's neck at a time when giving her a Pleasure Kiss can't happen the kiss is not only showing affection but 'saying' "I'm thinking of how much I enjoy giving you Pleasure Kisses".


August 26 - Other Techniques Compared with Devotional Sex:

This new top-level page compares and contrasts Devotional Sex with other techniques.

The first technique looked at in more detail is Taoist Sex. The first page looks at The Multi-Orgasmic Man which is the book that led me to discover Devotional Sex.

The next page, Comparing Tao and Devotional Sex, then shows how Devotional Sex can use some Taoist sexual techniques but that there are also major differences between the two techniques.


August 21 - Love:

I've added a small section to the Preliminaries page explaining why I don't talk much about love when explaining Devotional Sex.


August 14 - Her Managing His Ejaculations (2 pages):

When doing a long Stretch or Living Devotional Sex the Princess decides when her Knight will ejaculate. These two new pages look at how she does this.


August 11 - Forum - Tease and Denial compared to Devotional Sex:

I've just written a forum post comparing an example of real-life Tease and Denial with Devotional Sex. This will be very useful for anyone unsure of if, or how, these techniques are different.


August 3 - Viewing all the photo-blog pictures within a category:

I've added this new page which enables you to see all the photos I've posted in some categories (eg all the Affirmation photos, all the Pleasure Kissing photos, etc).

Note that like my full photo-blog, these photos can only be viewed by those over 18 who are signed in to their Tumblr account and have switched 'safe mode' off.


July 30 - Enhancements to Devotional Sex

This new page is the top level page for all the ways that Devotional Sex can be enhanced whilst maintaining or even strengthening the underlying dynamic.

Lower level pages for each topic will be added eventually, but for now this page lets readers know which areas I intend to cover.

And at the bottom of this page is a link to an anonymous poll where readers can let me know how interested they are in each enhancement. This will let me know which enhancements I should work on next. If you have an interest in one or more of the enhancements please let me know by doing this poll.

July 29 - Your Three Freedoms

I've added a section to the Preliminaries page making clear that Devotional Sex does NOT impose rules and summarizing the three key freedoms all those who try Devotional Sex enjoy.

July 28 - Devotional Sex for Your Situation

This new page looks at how Devotional Sex can be enjoyed in your situation.

As well as practicing it within an established romantic relationship, with some modifications it is wonderful to use when dating, and for those without a romantic partner it can be done with a friend.

Also mentioned is the Devotional Fling and the Supplicant Knight.

July 28 - It is now much harder to view my Photo-Blog on Tumblr:

Tumblr have changed their policy on "sensitive content", and from today, to view my Devotional Sex Photo-Blog you need to have an account on Tumblr, be logged in to that account, and have 'safe mode' turned off. (See here for how to do this.)

Tumblr are also no longer allowing blogs with "sensitive content" to be viewed by search engines (such as Google) and so people will no longer discover my photo-blog when using a search engine.

This is a major blow to spreading the word about Devotional Sex as most people discover this website from finding my photo-blog and many readers of my photo-blog don't have an account on Tumblr.

July 27 - About the Wish Words

This new page explains why Wish Words work very well within Devotional Sex and how these words are used.

I've also created two new top level pages - The Knight and The Princess.

These pages group together pages that are about each role and this makes it easier to layout the Site Map.

July 24 - Him initiating vs Her control

This new page looks at the three ways that a Knight can initiate activities.

Him physically initiating an activity is likely to work well for affection outside of the bedroom. But Devotional Sex is likely to work best if she sets a Preference that he never physically initiates a sexual activity. This page explains why.

July 20 - Warnings and Disclaimers

Devotional Sex isn't without risk - it may create some emotional stresses, and there may be a health risk for him. This new page presents the risks so that every reader can make up their own mind about whether or not to practice Devotional Sex.

One of the risks for him is a possible increased risk of prostate cancer.

This second new page looks into that risk in much more detail and also asks readers to consider the benefits of Devotional Sex which may make practicing Devotional Sex worth the risk.

I've also created a new section called Preliminaries which gathers together the introductory pages about Devotional Sex.

July 18 - Continuing to view this website if it gets deemed adult and banned:

This website has similar content to books on sex available in many bookstores. But as governments and service providers crack down on pornography (which is always described as explicit photos and videos) it is possible that this amateur website (run only by me), with content that would probably be legal to sell as a book, gets caught up in the internet porn purge and gets blocked.

One way around this is to use a proxy server. If you wish to watch video and do lots of downloads then as lots of data goes through the proxy service they charge for this service.

But as this website doesn't have video and has very few (all non-explicit) photos,  there are some proxy servers that can be used for free to view this website.

One such service is 

If you think this site might be blocked in the future just bookmark the above proxy server (or look for another one via Google) and then you can enter into the proxy service and continue to read this website.

July 13 - A Comprehensive look at how one couple enjoy Devotional Sex:

A couple filled in five of my surveys in one burst, and this enabled me to pull all their survey results together to write up a very detailed look at how they are Living Devotional Sex.

Sometimes real-life is perhaps more surprising than fiction!

July 5 - The Welcome Page now sends visitors to Version 2 of the website:

To see Version 1 select Site Map and then click (Version 1 is here).

July 4 - Version 2 of the website is being made more mobile phone friendly:

The biggest difference is the Site Map as this needs to usable on a mobile in case someone wants to look something up. Those using a computer or tablet won't notice much difference on most of the other pages.

It will take some time to reformat the Glossaries, but most of the rest is now done.


June 27 - All explicit photos now deleted from this website:

On February 3 I deleted all the links which led to the photo-blog hosted on this website. But the photos and text were all still there and could still be viewed by those with a direct link to a photo-blog page or via a search on Google.

Today I've deleted all these pages from my website's server, and so anyone going to these pages will get a 'page not found' error.

All the content that was on the photo-blog hosted here, and much more, are still in my Photo-Blog on Tumblr.

June 11 - New and Modified Wish Words:

Fini - A new Wish Word which has him stop the current activity and withdraw.

Play - A new Wish Word that has him play with himself until she asks him to stop.

Edge - A new Wish Word for him to set his energy so that he is just about to Climax.

Energize - The description of this Wish Word has been expanded.

Release - My recommendation for what a Princess says to have her Knight ejaculate has been changed from "Cum Now" to "Release".

May 11 - The Zone of Devotional Sex

This page describes the zone of a man's erotic energy and behavior within which Devotional Sex all comes together.

May 11 - How Often does a Knight Ejaculate?

How often he ejaculates depends on his age and experience. This page includes a table showing my recommendations for where a couple should start.

Some couples may feel that the longer he lasts the better. The lower level page Him Lasting Much Longer looks at some of the reasons why lasting lots longer than I recommend may not be better.


April 25 - Types of Session (with 12 lower level pages):

This new section is mainly the same content as is in the Glossary.

But Devotional Energizer and Focussed Sex are both new.

April 21 - The Activities of Devotional Sex (with 9 lower level pages):

This new section is mainly the same content as is in the Glossary.

Once the new version of the website has its structure in place my aim is to expand some of the explanations (at which time I'll shorten the version in the Glossary).

April 13 - Overview of Devotional Sex for HER

This is a six page overview of Devotional Sex explaining the benefits and responsibilities from HER perspective.

It is a great overview for women who wish to explore this website. And when it is their partner who is most keen to explore Devotional Sex, this new overview tells her all she needs to know (as from then on her partner should be able to answer all her questions).

April 8 - New Survey:  Style of Sex within Devotional Sex

I've created a new survey on PollMill. This asks lots of questions about your sex life before you started Devotional Sex, and then looks to see how things have changed with Devotional Sex.

The results of this survey will be used when I write the Overview of DevS for HIM. Though many men will remain unwilling to try DevS, my hope is that the before and after comparison will make clear why DevS is great for those men who are willing to make the effort.

So if you do Devotional Sex PLEASE fill in this survey.


February 28 - Homage

Having added the new term Goddess two days ago, I wanted a term for when she is his Goddess and she has him be naked at the same time. Affirmation isn't appropriate as this is him naked when she is dressed. The word homage works well and has added to the Glossary of Terms.

February 28 - I've deleted the term Devotional Lovers

Devotional Lovers was a term I used for Devotional Friends who sometimes had Joy.

I was never happy with this name (they are friends, not lovers). So I've deleted this term and instead included the option to have Joy within my definition of Established Friends - which is now defined as Devotional Friends who sometimes have him Climax when with her and/or sometimes have Joy.

February 27 - Results of the What Happens in Bed? Survey

The results of this survey have been written up. The first page presents the averages and looks at how this is very different from 'normal sex'.

Another page looks at The Huge Variation and demonstrates this with a collection of the individual responses.

And for the nerds, another page looks at the difference between the averages and the medians, and proves that every couple has at least 6 sessions each week doing something more often than most other couples.

February 26 - Goddess

She becomes his Goddess when she has him see her naked or scantily dressed knowing that this will have him admiring and desiring her.

This new terms was added to the Glossary of Terms.

February 12 - The Language of Devotional Sex

This page explains why the words Devotional, Sex, Princess and Knight were chosen, gives links to the Glossaries, and lists the new words for body parts and common sexual activities.

February 9 - Forum: Jill and Tom start a diary of a complete Season of DevS

Jill and Tom are the first couple to start a diary at my Forum where they will share with us all that happens during a Season. Today Jill posted what happened on day 1. As their Seasons usually last about 2 weeks there are, hopefully, another 13 or so diary entries to come!

If you do Devotional Sex and would also like to post a dairy, see here for how to do this.

February 9 - Contact Me:  This page had been polished.

February 8 - Donations to Support this Website:

I've polished my Donate page. As I write in this new version, the unfortunate fact is that as so few people donate that my receiving even a small donation is a cause for celebration.

So if Devotional Sex has changed your life for the better,
please consider making a donation.

February 8 - I changed this page so that the newest entry is now at the top:

I think this new order works better for those who often check this page.

And for those new to the page, they can jump down to the bottom and work their way up.

February 7 -  Gaze

The explanation for this Wish Word and activity has been expanded on the page about that Wish Word, included a quote from a Knight who sometimes enjoys doing this during Affirmation.

The explanation in the Glossary of Wishes has thus been reduced, and the Glossary entry now has a link to the page with the longer explanation.

February 7 -  List of Wish Words (47)

There is now a page with a simple list of all the Wish Words with their definitions.

Each Wish Word has a link to a page for just that Wish Word (there are 47 of these pages).

At the moment these pages have exactly the same explanation as in the Glossary of Wishes. Over time I hope to expand on the explanations on the individual pages and then shorten the explanations in the Glossary.

February 6 -  Welcome Page   &   Introduction

A new, cut down and simpler, Welcome Page has been written. As there isn't much content in the new version of the website I'm leaving (for now) the default first page (with the new look) pointing to the old Site Map and the old Introduction.

The new Introduction page has had lots of work done to it. It's important to get this right as it is the second page new readers of the website will see.

February 3 -  Minor changes to the Definition:

I've changed P2 of the definition of Devotional Sex from 'ensuring that HE enjoys what happens so that he is equally happy,' to 'enhancing HIS sexual and intimate life so that he is equally happy'.

And I've added some words to the text just below the definition talking about equality in happiness.

I've also added a few words to the top of the Glossary of Spells to explain why the word Spell was chosen.

February 3 -  Photo-Blog (now only on Tumblr)

This page has been revised, and now only gives a link to my photo-blog hosted on Tumblr.

I've decided to no longer host any explicit photos at this ( website. But everything that was at the old photo-blog on this website, and much more, is available on Tumblr.

This post at my forum explains why I'm now only using Tumblr for photos.


January 30 -  Opening Story (day one)

The Opening Story - in which Susan and Sam have an active day of DevS - has been revised. The major changes are that Sam no longer has a Crest during his Desire Kiss (as this is now an optional enhancement to DevS) but he now experiences Exaltation at the end of the day, and this has become a key part of the Opening Story.


January 29 -  Using the Wish "be Still" to 'tie him down':

I've added to the text of "be Still" so that this Wish Word can be used to 'tie him down' which is mental rather than physical bondage.


January 29 -  Contrast between Devotional Sex and 'normal sex':

An article in the Guardian today painted a very depressing view of some people's experience of 'normal sex' - saying there is never anything profound about erotic contact. See this forum post for more.


January 28 -  I'm considering deleting the Photo-Blog from this website:

See this forum post for more.


January 27 -  After some feedback on the forum I've updated the One Page Summary page including making some changes to the definition.



January 25 -  One Page Summary of Devotional Sex (inc. definition):

A new version of the one page summary - now slightly expanded and including the importance of Exaltation and Adoration.



January 22 -  A Devotional Appetizer:

I added this new term to the Glossary of Terms.



January 20 -  What's New 2017

This page was published on the new website and a link to this page was put onto the Welcome Page and the Site Map of the old website.



January 20 -  Glossary of Spells: 

A Spell is when a couple both agree to do Devotional Sex in the way and for the time defined by that Spell, then return to Vanilla once the Spell is over.

This Glossary makes things look very complicated - so see this forum topic and things will become much simpler.  Comments and questions can be made at the same forum topic.



January 19 -  Glossary of Wishes: 

Instead of having commands a Princess now makes Wishes, and for a Knight her wish is his command.

This Glossary gives the definition and an explanation for the Wish Words which can be used to make Devotional Sex flow smoothly.

There are some big changes from the old website, most notably the command "Ritual" has been replaced by the Wish Word "Pleasure".

Comments and questions about the Glossary of Wishes are welcome here at my forum.



January 18 -  Glossary of Terms: 

This Glossary gives a definition and an explanation of the key terms which will be used in the new version of the website.

This is not a good introduction to Devotional Sex (for newbies it's best to start with the Introduction at the old website). But for those already familiar with the basics you will find some useful definitions and explanations of what you already know, find some important new terms, and you will see where I’ve made some rather big changes!

Comments and questions about the Glossary of Terms are welcome here at my forum.


January 16 -
Happy Husband's Story:

I've collected his earlier posts made to my Tumblr and posted them into the forum, and this now includes the story of his "crazy holidays" as well as my comments.


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