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What's New - 2018

Version 2 of the Devotional Sex website

In 2017 I started building a new website.
This page document it's progress during 2018.

(Note that I am no longer updating the old website.)

The latest posts on the Forum are here.

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To request further information be added to a page or a new page be written, please post here. Editorial mistakes and broken links will only be fixed if I know about them, so if you notice any please let me know here.

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April 15 - Updated Affirmation Survey:

I've just updated some of the questions, and added a few new questions, to my Affirmation Survey.

If you practice Devotional Sex and have not yet done this survey then now is a great time to do so!

But if you have already filled in this survey please DO NOT DO IT AGAIN - my statistics will be wrong if there are multiple replies from the same couple.

Clicke here to do the Affirmation Survey.


April 15 - New section in the forum for posting FICTION about DevS:
I’ve added a new section to the forum where people can post fiction written to illustrate Devotional Sex.

Note that as I’ve just created this section there are not yet any stories.

But there is a post  ’about this new section for posting fiction’ which tells you what I’m after and how to post.


February 5 - The Private Symbol of him being her Knight

The optional private symbol of him being her Knight is for him to keep his pubic hair clean-shaven.

This not only creates a Devotional Sex 'look', but is a visual reminder that he has committed to only ever ejaculate when with his Princess and when she decides.

This new page for Version 2 of the website is a much improved version of the page which was in the old website. I hope this new page inspires a few more couples to use this private symbol.


February 4 - A donation!

Though hundreds of couples are practicing Devotional Sex, and many people visit my website each day, almost everyone takes my work being available for free for granted.

So I'm always delighted when I get a donation, and today an Italian couple who have just started to explore Devotional Sex have donated US$35.

This is a big help in covering my website hosting costs, but only goes a part of the way. So I hope one couple's generosity inspires a few more to make a donation.


February 3 - Living with Children

Practicing Devotional Sex when living with children obviously creates some challenges and limits what can be done.

This new page gives advice on how to deal with these everyday challenges, and how to get the most out of your Devotional Sex lifestyle despite the restrictions.

January 25 - An article and interview about Devotional Sex:

The Hands Free Orgasm website has just published a short article about Devotional Sex which includes an email interview with yours truly.

Click the above link to read this wonderful article! 
(Just click “No Thanks” to the sign up page to go straight to the article.)

The man learning to orgasm without ejaculating is an optional enhancement to Devotional Sex.

As my path to learning this was the Taoist Multi-Orgasmic Man technique I’ve not yet mentioned on my website other techniques which can work equally well within Devotional Sex.

The Hands Free Orgasm website ( has a good overview of other ways a man can learn to have multiple orgasms without touching his erection and without ejaculating. I know that there are Devotees who use the prostate massage technique, so for the interested and curious this is well worth exploring.

(You need to provide an email address to access the lessons, but as this is just an information website you won’t get bombarded with marketing for products.)

Happy Exploring!

January 24 - The Devotee Ring

The optional public symbol of being a Devotee is a gold ring with a red garnet stone which is worn on the little finger of the left hand. This page tells you when it can be worn, and a lower level page includes some photos of two male Devotee rings.

These new pages are an edited version of the old pages from Version 1 of the website.


January 20 - Jill29's Devotional Sex Diary and Survey Results

For seven days in early 2017 Jill posted a Devotional Sex diary into the forum sharing with us everything that happened in the first week of one of her Seasons of Devotional Sex. Today I've posted an edited - and easier to read - version of this into the website.

She and her partner also filled out four of my Devotional Sex Surveys giving us an overview of their DevS life. I've put all of this extra information onto a new page (which is here).

Jill's diary is highly recommended as it gives the female view of a wonderful week of real-life DevS.


January 14 - The real-life story of Ada and Michael's first date

This is an amazing success for both Ada and Michael. It shows that when an experienced Knight dates a vanilla women it can lead to some amazing Devotional Sex - even on a first date. If this story were fiction if might feel unrealistic - so this is a case where truth is stranger (and lots more fun) than fiction. (5 pages)

This is an edited version of the story previously published on the old version of the website.


January 14 - Real-Life Devotional Sex Stories

This new top-level page is where I'll put all the real-life stories and diaries.


January 4 - Natural Female Desire - The DevS Experiment:

This new page asks What would female desire be like if the constraints of normal sexual behavior were removed? and goes on to show how Devotional Sex is like a scientific experiment to find out.


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