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Affirmation:  (him naked, her dressed)

Inside showing the couple

Inside just showing him

Outside - both as a couple and with just him in the photo

With others present
- This is a Shared Activity.

Her beauty:

Goddess inside - (showing him her body to have him admire and desire her)

Enchanting him visually - (letting him see that she isn't wearing panties)

Both nude:

The DevS hairstyle - (his pubic hair shaved, her with some hair)

The Sex:

Pleasure Kissing - (him giving her oral sex)

Joy - (intercourse)

Mild Kinky Activities:

Pegging - (her using a strap-on to penetrate him)

Over time I may add further categories and create some 'best of' collections.

If you wish to nominate a photo for my 'best of'' you can do so here at my forum.


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