Devotional Sex

Devotional Dating

Devotional Sex works wonderfully when it is used from the very beginning of a couple starting to explore a romantic and intimate relationship.

Practicing Devotional Sex when dating creates much greater intimacy and connection as it enables and encourages slow exploration. Spending time together sharing erotic energy, but without rushing to go the 'whole way', builds trust and intimacy. It is also very exciting and lots of fun.

With Devotional Dating the couple always practice Devotional Sex when they are together.

He gives her control
Always practicing Devotional Sex when together means that he gives her control over all sexual and sensual activities.

With 'normal' dating it is usual that nothing sexual happens, and then at some point (be it at the end of the first date or after many, many dates) both agree that the time is right and then everything happens.

With Devotional Dating there is no slippery slope where starting one activity creates expectations that further activities will follow. So it is very easy for the couple to enjoy some mild activities which go no further.

Instead of rushing through every sexual activity the first time they have sex, Devotional Dating enables a new activity to be introduced each date with that activity being the main event.

This much slower exploration enables each new thing to be fully enjoyed and appreciated as something special, and it creates much greater intimacy and connection.

He never ejaculates when with her
The big difference between this and Living Devotional Sex in a relationship is that with Devotional Dating the Knight NEVER Climaxes when with his Princess.

This restriction has the Knight prove his devotion, and it helps Devotional Sex become a natural and normal way for the couple to be together.

Moving to a Devotional Relationship
If the dating leads to a relationship forming the Devotional Dating will have become a big part of how the couple are together.

If the couple have done strict Devotional Dating then he will never have ejaculated when with her. Of course there will come a point where both wish this restriction to no longer hold, and the most powerful way of doing this is for them to both agree to start a Devotional Relationship.

Going from Devotional Dating to a Devotional Relationship is a very big change because not only does it mean that he can now Climax when with her, it also means that he is giving her control over all of his Climaxes, and from then on will only ever Climax when with her and when she says.

Thus the change from Devotional Dating to a Devotional Relationship will feel very special to both and is a significant step of growing together as a couple.

Established Devotional Dating
If the Devotional Dating is very well established, but one or both is not ready to form a Devotional Relationship, she can, if he is willing and she wishes, occasionally have him Climax when with her.


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