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I have no control over what people write about Devotional Sex elsewhere on the internet, and unfortunately this means that you may have just read an erotic story which misrepresents what Devotional Sex is about and how it works.

This page looks at each Literotica story which mentions Devotional Sex and:

Most stories on Literotica are fun fantasy:

If you enjoy the story you may wish it would happen to you, but know that this is unlikely, or if it does it will be a very rare treat. And many stories have such extreme fantasy that even those who live real-life, for example, those who really live BDSM, don't do anything like what is in the story.

Devotional Sex is a new sexual technique to be practiced in real-life:

So this website isn't fantasy but describes a way to build and maintain passion and desire, to enhance the pleasure of sexual activity, and to significantly increase the amount of activity. It also leads to increased intimacy and connection and thus a better relationship!

From this real-life foundation some activities and adventures can follow which would otherwise seem like unrealistic fantasy. So even though the Literotica story you just read may have got Devotional Sex wrong, there may be a Devotional Sex reality which is just as exciting!


The stories which mention 'Devotional Sex'

The Literotica stories which mention Devotional Sex (which I know about) are:


A Cum Eating Discovery
This story is by VidaOneill, and it was published in the Loving Wives section on 25 May, 2018. You can read this story at HERE.

So far only Chapter 1 has been published, so I don't know what will happen later on this story. But there is already enough to make some key points.

Though this story starts of with lots of kink, pure Devotional Sex is not kinky. But Devotional Sex provides a great platform upon which some kinky activities can be enjoyed. And as the story says, him eating his own cum is amongst my list of OPTIONAL Kinky Activities.

I've not yet reformatted (and revised) the pages about him eating his own cum for the new version of this website, but you can still read the old pages HERE (this is the page which VidaOneill first discovered via his Google search).

Note that though him eating his own cum is something that a few people find very exciting,  most people - including most who practice Devotional Sex, and even those who get up to lots of adventures - don't want to do this.

Not only are VidaOneill and his wife already more kinky than most who practice Devotional Sex, it looks like they are starting of with a mix of traditional female domination and Devotional Sex.

With Pure Devotional Sex the Princess neither acts nor feels dominant. She doesn't TAKE control but instead is GIVEN control by her Knight. If you read all of the six page Overview of Devotional Sex for HER and you will see that there is no mention of her being dominant, him being submissive, or kinky activities.

For VidaOneill and his wife a mix of femdom (her taking control, her training him, lots of kinky activities) together with all the ideas they get from reading this website is likely to work wonderfully. But, as we can tell from just chapter 1, this is because BOTH are keen to do this.

So I'm not suggesting that they become less kinky. In fact the main theme of this website is for each couple to find what works best for them both - and this may be a mix of techniques.

So even though this story is already more kinky than most Devotional Sex I'm looking forward to finding out what happens next.

But what happens if your partner isn't wanting to TAKE control and she isn't interested in kinky activities?

That's what most of this website concentrates upon - how Devotional Sex can enhance the sexual and intimate lives of non-kinky couples.

So if this story is only fantasy to you because your partner isn't kinky, I hope you explore this website to see if Pure Devotional Sex might be something which both you and your partner will enjoy. Start with The Introduction.

And once you have established this dynamic, the About the Mild Kinky Activities page shows how some kinky things might be able to be added into your Devotional Sex life.

And if you are keen to eat your own cum as part of your Devotional Sex life, you might find that once you partner is relaxed and comfortable about being your Princess she is willing to experiment with having you give her a Devotional Massage.


Other stories and discussion:

If you know of a story at Literotica not mentioned above which includes 'Devotional Sex' please Contact Me and let me know (this can be done anonymously).

You can discuss and ask questions about how these stories related to real-life Devotional Sex in this section of the Forum.

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