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A new world of intimacy, passion, and pleasure

Devotional Sex is a new sexual technique and lifestyle which
 enables you to enhance your sensual and sexual life. 

It increases intimacy and sensuality within a relationship,
and creates a lifestyle which builds and maintains passion and excitement.

It can be used to re-energize and keep exciting a long-term relationship,
or to increase intimacy and have fun when starting a new relationship.

This website is the only place where you can learn about the unique combination
of ancient and modern techniques which makes up Devotional Sex.

All of this site and the forum can be viewed for free.
Even better, this site contains no advertising.


  This webiste contains explicit discussion
about sexual techniques and practices.

Most large bookstores have a section on sex. In most Western countries these
books are not restricted and are legally available for sale to all ages.
This site contains a similar level of explicit discussion on sexual matters
as is in these 'how to' books and books on Tantric sex.

If you are not legally allowed to buy or read such books
do not enter this site.

Otherwise ...
Welcome to the new world of Devotional Sex!

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