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Results of the What Happens in Bed? Survey -
the huge variation in what happens -
the Median isn't average

My What Happens in Bed? survey shows what couples who Live or do long Stretches of Devotional Sex do in bed during the 7 mornings and 7 bedtimes of their average week.

Many would think that the average of all the responses would be what most couples do.

But the average behavior isn't typical because all couples do a bit more or a bit less than average of some activities, and some couples do much more than most or none at all of some activities.

So, strange as it may seem, every couple do some types of session more often than than most other couples.

Thus it is impossible for any couple to be totally normal!

To find out why, read on.

A quick maths lesson
A better indication of what most people do than the average is the median. The median is the middle value i.e. line everyone up from least to most, and the median is what the person in the middle of the line does.

For example, the average of (0, 1, 1, 2, 10) is 2.8 and the median is 1.

As this summary of the maths shows, the median is lower than the average because the average is effected by the few responses that are much higher than most.


The figures for the 'What Happens in Bed' survey are:

Type of Session:
Joy +
Pleasure Kiss
Desire Kiss
Pleasure Play
Desire Play
Devotional Cuddle
Just a cuddle
Nothing at all

These figures are for the first 25 valid replies.

This shows, for example, that the average number of Mainly a Pleasure Kiss sessions is 2.9, but as the median is only 2, half the couples do this 2 times or less each week, and half do it 2 times or more.

Thus a couple who is close to the average and does this 3 times a week is doing this more often than most Devotee couples.

As the median column only adds up to 8, each couple is going to have 6 sessions each week where they are doing something more often than most couples do.

Note that nothing at all counts as a session, so some couples will include doing nothing at all more often than most other couples.

And if a couple do one type of session one less than the median, then they will have 7 sessions each week where they are doing that session more often than most couples.

Thus the mathematics proves that there is no 'typical' couple
as at least 43% of each couple's sessions will be doing that type of session
more often than most other couples.

The examples of huge variation from those who filled in the survey are not just because some couples chose to be different, but because no couple can do what most couples do.


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