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Outline of Devotional Sex

Devotional Sex is a new sexual technique and lifestyle which enables loving couples to enhance their sensual and sexual lives. Devotional Sex can also be used to enhance first intimacy when dating and to enjoy some intimacy between friends.

The main benefits of Devotional Sex for women are a better relationship with increased intimacy, a much better sex life, and more sensual pleasures (such as massages). But practicing Devotional Sex does require some effort and commitment.

The main benefits of Devotional Sex for men are a significantly more intense and better sex life with more sexual activity, a constant energizing sexual feeling throughout the day, and a better relationship. All these joys also come at a price, but one that every man who practices Devotional Sex is willing to pay.

Because the roles of men and women within Devotional Sex are so different from `normal´, each role has been given a special name. A female who practices Devotional Sex is called a Princess, and a
male who practices Devotional Sex is called a Knight.

What is Devotional Sex?

Devotional Sex is an enhancement of sensual and sexual life through practices derived from two ancient Eastern techniques and a mild form of a more modern practice.

Devotional Sex is part Taoist multi-orgasmic man ...

The first ancient practice comes from the Tao. Applying this practice, a Devotional Knight does not ejaculate during most sexual encounters.

Not ejaculating most times he has sex brings a significantly increased intensity and pleasure to all the Knight’s sexual activity. It also changes the feelings he experiences after sexual activity ends - with Devotional Sex it is the man who most wants to cuddle afterwards.

Another benefit from Tao is that the Knight learns to orgasm without ejaculating.
As he does not lose erotic energy after a non-ejaculatory orgasm, he remains erect and energized. This makes it possible to enjoy many non-ejaculatory orgasms one after the other - he has become multi-orgasmic.
There is a possibility that not ejaculating after most sexual activity may lead to health problems. Also, a couple may experience times of emotional stress while learning Devotional Sex. See the Warnings and Disclaimer page.
Men practicing `real´ Tao use the technique to fully calm their sexual energy.

With Devotional Sex the Knight deliberately does not perfect the Taoist technique, so he always
feels slightly horny and thus always desires his Princess.

Though the Knight learing to orgasm without ejaculating is part of the definition of Devotional Sex, this is really just the icing on the cake. What really matters is that the Knight is always slightly horny but also calm and relaxed. Reaching this state is the first step in learning to become multi-orgasmic, and once this state is reached a couple can enjoy very real Devotional Sex.

Devotional Tao is the subject of Chapter 3.
Men who like everything about Devotional Sex except for the tough restrictions on ejaculating can practice Lite Devotional Sex. This allows the Knight to ejaculate much more often whilst still retaining some of the feel of full Devotional Sex.

plus a bit of Tantric Sex ...

The second ancient practice used in Devotional Sex is Tantra.

In `real´ Tantric sex couples use Tantric techniques to reach a higher state through very long, slow intercourse.

The Tantric component of Devotional Sex is just a natural consequence of the Knight not ejaculating - sexual activity becomes slower and goes on for longer - sex becomes more sensual and intimate. For most who enjoy Devotional Sex their sex life will be much closer to ordinary sex than it is to real Tantra, but much that they do will have a slight Tantric feel.

Tantra is also about improving your connection with your partner and with your own feelings. With Tantra the biggest changes are not in what you do, but in how you think and feel. This also applies to Devotional Sex.

With both Tantra and Devotional Sex, less is often more.

Rather than rushing from one activity to the next, the Tantric component of Devotional Sex encourages couples to spend time enjoying and fully appreciating each activity. Orgasms are good in both Tantra and Devotional Sex, but they are not the goal or purpose of sex, and Devotees will sometimes enjoy sharing erotic energy together without either needing an orgasm.

Many books on Tantric Sex seem to virtually ignore oral sex.
Devotional Sex celebrates the pleasures of oral sex, and many couples will often enjoy sessions which go no further. Applying Tantra to oral sex means that giving oral is enjoyed (almost) as much as receiving it.

As indicated by the Devotional Sex logo, the woman receiving oral pleasure plays a special role in Devotional Sex.

Devotional Tantra is the subject of Chapter 4.

and some mild female erotic power ...

The more modern practice used in Devotional Sex is mild female erotic power.

To act as a balance to her Knight's higher-than-usual erotic energy, and his desire for sex all of the time, the Princess is given the power to control all sensual and sexual activities.

Though a Princess can be a dominant woman, in most Devotional couples she will not be.

Using her power will just be a natural part of her life based on how she feels. Sometimes she will use her power to keep things running smoothly, of course she will sometimes use her power to enjoy receiving sexual and sensual pleasures, and she will sometimes use her power to pleasure and please her Knight.

When she applies her power this will usually be done as a normal and natural part of the couple's dynamic - much like a polite director instructing an actor.
For many who practice Devotional Sex their most common activity in bed will be a morning or bedtime cuddle. The Knight's high erotic energy means that he will often get aroused and fully erect from just a cuddle - he would like some sexual activity every morning and every bedtime.

Sexual activity every morning and bedtime is unrealistic, so given that the Knight would like it all the time, a major use of Princess Power is the Princess deciding when sexual activity will happen and, most importantly, when it will not.

With Devotional Sex a Princess learns to accept and enjoy her Knight's arousal even during `just a cuddle´, and her Knight learns to
enjoy the intimacy of the cuddle knowing that sexual activity will happen another time. Cuddles that go no further are one of the ways that Devotional Sex builds and maintains intimacy and connection.
Of course Devotional Sex also includes lots of sexual activity.

For many couples much of this activity will be suggested by the Knight, and the Princess's power resides in her simply saying "yes" or "no" to his suggestions. But whenever a Princess `suggests´ something, her Princess Power means that it will happen.

So rather than the dynamic feeling like female dominance, Princess Power can be used just as a balance to male dominance. For some Princesses the dynamic will feel more like true equality than her taking charge.

Another use of Princess Power is the Princess deciding when sexual activity will end. As the Knight does not ejaculate at the end of most sexual activity he will usually want sexual activity to keep going. Once again this is unrealistic, and so the Princess uses her power to end activity when she feels it is the right time to do so.

Whenever a Princess wants (but only when she wants) she can enjoy a session where she takes full control over all sexual activity. This can lead to many erotic games and adventures.

A Princess can also use her power to have her Knight give her sensual pleasures - a Princess can enjoy receiving a foot or body massage whenever she wishes.

Part of being a Princess is ensuring that her Knight gains enough satisfaction from being her Knight to always want to continue the role. So a Princess will give as well as take.
Everything within Devotional Sex is fully consensual. Hence a Princess can never make her Knight do something that is beyond what he is willing to do. And if her Knight has a fantasy that she does not want to make real, a Princess simply uses her Princess Power to ensure that his fantasy remains just a fantasy.

One way that a Princess maintains her power is by controlling the timing of her Knight's ejaculations.

If she wants a quieter time she has her Knight ejaculate a few days earlier than usual as this prevents his energy from getting too high. And when she is enjoying her Knight's increasing erotic energy she simply does not allow her Knight to ejaculate for a few days longer than usual.

Princess Power is the subject of Chapter 5.

all combined to create a new dynamic and lifestyle.

There are many books and websites on each of the above techniques. But no other book or website takes something from each of them and puts them together to create the new and very different dynamic and lifestyle of Devotional Sex.

A Devotee couple are not practicing full Tao, are only part way to real Tantra, and the extent of female control is too mild for their practice to be like that of a BDSM Mistress and her submissive.

It is much easier to learn just a part of a technique than to learn the whole. So Devotional Sex is much easier to master than are any of the component techniques on their own.

From the viewpoint of an expert in any of the component techniques, Devotional Sex clearly fails to implement each technique properly.
But the Tao, Tantric, and female erotic power components combine to produce a strong and stable balance of sexual and relationship forces. The combination has created a new, complete system - Devotional Sex!

This new combination of techniques is the subject of Chapter 6. This chapter defines Devotional Sex within a Devotional Relationship, and it shows how dating can be enhanced with Devotional Dating. It also shows how those without a romantic partner can use Devotional Sex to enjoy some intimacy and erotic fun with a Devotional Friend.
As Devotional Sex is very different from `normal´ sex and all of the component techniques, you may have some concerns about how it might work for you. I answer 38 common concerns here.

Lots more sexual activity

More sexual activity is only a benefit if both enjoy the extra activity.

Many woman would find it unappealing if more sex just meant having intercourse more often and the man pumping away for longer each session.

Devotional Sex changes how sex is enjoyed and practiced, and these changes are particularly beneficial for the woman.

The Tantric component of Devotional Sex makes intercourse slower and more sensual. The slower it becomes the longer it is pleasurable for both to enjoy. Very few who practice Devotional Sex will go as slowly or for as long as do practitioners of real Tantric Sex, but most will replace steam-engine-style pumping with a much more subtle dance of erotic pleasure.
The biggest difference with Devotional Sex is not the way that intercourse is enjoyed, but that much more time is spent enjoying other sexual activities.

Sessions which include intercourse will often spend longer on oral sex and touching than on the intercourse. And  many couples who practice Devotional Sex will often enjoy sessions of sexual activity which don't go as far as intercourse.

Sometimes a session will be only one activity. For example, a couple may enjoy an evening where a Knight gives his Princess oral sex and all that happens afterwards is a cuddle.

Much time can be spent within Devotional Sex with Erotic Resting - just quietly cuddling while aroused. Such resting can happen before, in between, or after sexual pleasures. And sometimes it will be the sole activity in a session.

Devotional Sex also makes it easy for couples to spend time enjoying Erotic Fun. These are activities which create arousal but don't go as far as full sexual pleasures. Erotic Fun creates stronger desire for any sexual pleasures which may follow.

And finally, the Knight's higher than usual erotic energy means that he is always keen for a cuddle.

Devotional Sex leads to lots more sexual activity - not just more of the same, but lots of new activities where erotic energy is enjoyed for fun, pleasure, and increased intimacy.

Tasting Devotional Sex

The only way to gain a real understanding of Devotional Sex is to try it.

Reading about Devotional Sex is like looking at a recipe with a strange mix of ingredients. It is only when you make the recipe and taste the food that you find out how the ingredients come together to make a complete whole.

The ingredients of a recipe often do not taste good on their own. Similarly, some parts of Devotional Sex might be unattractive on their own. What matters in both cooking and Devotional Sex is how it all comes together.

My personal experience is that most people who try Devotional Sex are surprised by how quickly the new dynamic starts to feel natural.

Devotional Sex can be used to make a good sex life even better. And it can also
be used to restore intimacy and fix some sexual problems.

Starting Devotional Sex is the subject of
Chapter 8: Getting Started.
Part 2 of the Outline

Part 2 of this outline looks at:
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You can discuss or ask questions about this outline here on the Devotional Sex Forum.

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